Meekh Parch Iran Co.
Meekh Parch Iran Co.

How we operate

Our Value Proposition

MPI’s finished products are customized to customer specifications and ISO standards and consistently meet customers' quality expectations   and process requirements. All our products are checked through stringent quality control.

MPI’s Code of Conduct

While pursuing our corporate mission, our company and our employees undertake to practice the highest possible levels of respect for others and the environment. Our Code of Conduct sets out, in detail, the expectations of management.

Some Members of the management team undertake to communicate the policy to all employees, company representatives, business partners and stakeholders; and actively encourage MPI’s suppliers to follow the following  codes

We strive to ensure:

  • High quality products and services delivered on time, to specification;
  • A culture of continual improvement that encourages employee participation;
  • Optimum utilization of available resources;
  • Continual review of objectives and standards;
  • Compliance with all applicable legislation;
  • A commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

Environmental Standards

It is our policy and believe we are accountable to present and future generations and that therefore, much attention is given to in how we operate our offices as well as manufacturing divisions .


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