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Blind Rivets

Even though Blind Rivets have been in use for numerous decades, the question still arises – WHY ARE THEY USED?


Blind Rivets are one of the most cost effective and easy methods of joining general applications in the industry.


Blind Rivet consists of two parts:


1)  The rivet body called “eyelet”


2)  The nail called “mandrel”


The mandrel is drawn into the body of the rivet; gripped by the jaws of the setting tools, which is then expanded and drawn into a tight, clinch against the blind side. When the assembly is firm enough, the mandrel breaks off at a predetermined tension and falls away.


The whole essence of using blind rivets is mainly due to the fact that you have no access to other end and that is where blind rivets are commonly applied. Fastening in blind hole is possible through using Blind rivets.


MPI produces blind rivets in the following materials combination.
Aluminum Rivet/ Steel Mandrel
Copper Rivets / Steel Mandrel

Aluminum Rivet/ Aluminum Mandrel


Our Aluminum Blind Rivets are either made of Aluminum tube or from Aluminum wire rod.


In our expansion scheme, considering to manufacture the following products
Steel Rivet/Steel Mandrel


Our Selection Guides help show you which fastener may be the most suitable for your application.

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